Customer service

New Equipment

Personalized costumer service: Once the client's concern is received, professional staff will be at their disposal in order to analyze what the inconvenient or doubt is and deal with it with maximum efficiency. You will be required an invoice copy of the energy distributor and a description of the elements installed in your company, industry or commerce (soft-starter motors, frequency variator, triangle star starter, etc.). Once the energy invoices are received, we will have an estimate of the equipment's power that is to be placed (Necessary KVAR quantity). If necessary, our technical department will offer you a measurement service of electrical parameters to determinate the specific characteristics of the elements to be placed in the equipment (400 volts capacitors, 440 volts capacitors, or anti harmonic reactors.)

After this first step, and having obtained the results, we could recommend you which unit you should acquire by analysing its technical constitution and cost, having in mind, in this case, some concepts like: advance payment, payment convenience, amortisation, etc. In summary, our company's commercial advisory.

Once the purchase is made, the client can opt for the installation and start up service, that is to say: ready to go, or the start up service only (PAT), with the named service you can assure that the equipment has been installed correctly and its perfect functioning, adding that the unit effectiveness counts on LOCIA y CIA guarantee.

Second-hand units

Our repair department will be at client's disposal in order to solve and fix any possible inconvenient that your unit might have, regardless of its brand, provenance, or if it was or was not bought in LOCIA Y CIA.

Furthermore, LOCIA offers you a maintenance service that includes the entirety of the component's revision, general cleaning of the unit, capacitors adjustments, contactors, fuse holders, etc.

Voltage variables register analysis of regulators that has this property (max. temperature, harmonic content, max. tension, etc.)

Measurement service

LOCIA y CIA counts on a technical department with professional staff and certified instruments that allows making common electric parameters measurements (tension, electric current, power, etc.). In addition to other specific instruments that are very important to guarantee the perfect performance of a capacitor bank. (THD, harmonics, breadth and characteristics of each component, etc.).

Power quality

  • Quality energy metering with calibrated and portable equipment.
  • Diagnosis of productive equipment failures due to grid disturbances
  • Diagnosis of system disturbances with UPS(uninterruptible power supply) or Isolated Neutral Networks, with remedies proposals.
  • Counselling and studies of fines or penalties because of Cos Phi or Power Factor in energy invoices.
  • Sags, Swells, Transients and Harmonics studies
  • Design and installation of Power Factor correction systems .
  • Technical and economic for Active Filter System of low and medium electric voltage.
  • Design and installation of heat monitoring systems.
  • Design of measurement systems and quality service record for large companies. (Res. ENRE 0130/1995).
  • Design of monitoring and diagnosis systems. (Cloud-based).

Eficiencia energética

  • Energy Audits
  • Rate and energy consumption curves analysis.
  • SMEC (In Spanish means Commercial measurement system) projects implementation according to CAMMESA requirements.
  • Design and installation of WAGES monitoring software. (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam).
  • Deployment of centralized or distributed energy systems, managed by industrial energy servers, or based in IoT technologies.
  • Reports of sustainability and balance of CO2.
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